Peter Zilahy Ingerman, PhD, FBCS - Consultants

We specialize in Computer, Human, and Systems Symbiosis...
making all of the parts work together simply and smoothly for the benefit of all the parts!

We may not know what a box to think in is... But we are good at solving problems

"So What Exactly Do You Do?"

"Consultant" is a catch-all term that could mean anything and most people are quick to ask "So what exactly do you do?". However, more than 60 years of consulting does not make for a simple answer! I wrote my first program for an IBM 701 in 1951. (The father of a girl I knew in school was one of the designers of the 701, and yes, I know what "read-around ratio" means!) Back then I also worked on IBM punched-card equipment for a few years (I still remember that there are 150 punched-cards to the inch!).I began programming computers professionally in 1957, back when computers filled up entire rooms, not just corners of desktops (or, today, hip pockets!).

At University of Pennsylvania I was a Graduate Research Assistant from 1957 to 1963. While I was there I performed research into and development of techniques for machine translation of mechanical languages. (This ended up being both my Master's Thesis and also a book "A Syntax-Oriented Translator", published in 1966 by Academic Press.) I also participated in international programming language standardization and the development of the Algol language, and assisted staff on proper usage of the University computing facility. During that time I worked with Dr. Grace Hopper, Dr. Saul Gorn, and Dr. John Mauchly, as well as with Anatole Holt and William Turanski.

Before that I was at Philco Corporaton where I was an Electronics Technician in the Research Laboratory. While there I was involved in creating some of the then-new technology and have 2 patents in my name!
•2,911,566 D. R. Taylor, Jr, and P. Z. Ingerman Deflection System for Cathode Ray Tubes
•3,054,059 P. Z. Ingerman Pattern Suppressed Counter Circuit

I am a consultant, both internal and external, with over 40 years of experience. I have provided expertise on computers and computer-related topics to a number of professional clients, including law firms, accounting firms, and professional engineering firms.

It may sound like I'm a dinosaur, but a great deal of my knowledge and expertise is still very useful... and growing all the time! Especially when one considers how compartmentalized computer systems and software programming have become! (They now teach programming as individual languages and coding rather than as a way of thinking that can be readily used and applied in learning and using most computing languages!!)

This difference in thinking and seeing makes it easy to analyze things and see where systems aren't working well, whether it is a computer program, a computer system, the way an organization is run, or even how a store, restaurant or other business is operated!

It also often makes it obvious (at least to me) how to improve the way things are to make them simpler, more efficient, and/or less problematic!!

This breadth of knowledge and experience has also proven useful to those in the insurance industry, as well as in legal cases. It has also proven very useful in the process of reverse engineering which has benefited several clients!

How May I put my experience to work for you?!