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dinosaur backpacks for school
dinosaur backpacks and lunch boxes

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Dinosaur Backpacks Reviewed

We might be a little while off the panic that occurs in our household as the new school term starts, but it is always a good idea to be prepared and recently we came across two super, dinosaur themed backpacks that would be ideal for a young dinosaur fan to take to school, or for use on fossil hunting adventures.

Dinosaur backpack and lunch bags

Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus rex

The backpacks each measure a generous sixty-three centimetres in length and one is a blue coloured Triceratops, the other represents that most famous of all the prehistoric animals T. rex. We looked carefully at the stitching of both these items, they were well made and we could not see any loose threads on them. Something to watch out for as little fingers just love to pull and tug at such threads. The material felt very soft and the backpack was comfortable to wear. Triceratops was a large, plant-eating dinosaur that lived in North America at the end of the age of reptiles. The name Triceratops means "three-horned face" and indeed, the Triceratops backpack had three horns, each one made of an off-white or creamy coloured material. Tyrannosaurus rex was a fearsome predator, but the expression on the face was not very frightening, it looked very quizzical and cute to us. The name T. rex means "Tyrant Lizard King", our Tyrannosaur must have been an especially friendly one! This dinosaur also lived in North America at the very end of the geological period known as the Cretaceous.

Adjustable Straps on the Back

On the back there is a set of black coloured, adjustable straps. They seem to be well made and quite sturdy. Once again, we checked the stitching and they did seem to be strongly attached to the rest of the backpack. The straps can be adjusted easily and we thought that this item was probably suitable for budding palaeontologists from three years of age and upwards. A small adult can also wear the backpack.

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