Use Direct Stream with fellow Educators


An easy way for educators to collaborate, share ideas and chat is to use Direct Stream.

Stream is our collaborative commenting system, and there are multiple uses in and out of the classroom.

Direct Stream is our private chat, and works great one-on-one or in large groups. Check out the tips below and get your chat on!

Stream Tips

1. Autofill is your friend

Inviting users to your Direct Stream and can't remember their username? Just start typing the first few letters and let our autofill feature do the rest.

2. No group limitations

We don't limit the number of users chatting in Stream, so add away. Want to add users after the fact? Easy. Click 'Add people' at any time.

3. Title your Stream

You created a Stream, now name it! Use emojis to make it more fun.

4. Student engagement is great too

Direct Stream is also great for chatting with students one-on-one and collecting Tackk submissions.

Examples to Try

Interaction during a conference/edcamp

Feedback loop for school/department

Engagement tool for faculty

One-on-ones with students

Topic-based chats

Introduction to Tackk