Dirk Coetzer

Managing Director at ICON Capital Sarl

About Dirk Coetzer

A prominent financial executive with an international background, Dirk Coetzer brings more than 15 years of experience to his position as the Managing Director of Luxembourg-based investment firms Icon Capital Sarl and Firminy Capital Sarl. Both firms, which cater to individual investors and institutions, specialize in securitization vehicles designed to minimize risk while improving market liquidity. In his leadership roles with the two companies, Dirk Coetzer oversees investment funds and serves as head of trade finance.

Dirk Coetzer holds a Diploma in Financial Management and Marketing from Technikon Pretoria in South Africa. Prior to his current roles with Icon Capital Sarl and Firminy Capital Carl, he filled a number of key positions with international leaders in the financial industry, including serving as a Securities Trader with the Egypt-based Royal Group of Companies and as a financial officer with the Belgian firm Omni Comers. Most recently, Mr. Coetzer held a leadership role with Financial Acceptances and Securities, an investment firm based in the British Virgin Islands.

Outside of his professional life, Dirk Coetzer maintains a commitment to the environment through his position as a Senior Council Member for the Environmental Development Foundation. An avid outdoorsman, during his free time he enjoys parachuting, spear fishing, and scuba diving.