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Today I answer a couple who wants to bring the black and green apple for the procession and in the reception room.

Hello there. discjockeysnow.com Reviews from real people We are presently organizing our wedding for July 27, 2013. We are a young couple 22 and 26 years. We already have several ideas for decorating the room, but there are a few things that bother us. In fact, we are getting married at the Hotel Plaza Valleyfield and it is a large room including ceilings over 25 feet and the brick walls. We love the black and white damask pattern and we thought as accent color to green apple.

For our centerpieces, we wanted to use Granny Smith apples and calla lilies, but we're not sure how to use them! Finally, we have 4 boys and 4 girls honor. The bridesmaids are all different sizes and I (the bride) I am concerned about the color of the dress! We thought a black dress with apple green accent (satin belt), but we are concerned about the effect this will bring to the church (all boys and girls in black!)

On the other hand, a green dress is not suitable for everyone (I have 2 girls 5P10 hair and brown eyes, 1 5P4 girl with blond hair and green eyes and the last measurement 5p5 and eyes and brown hair).

For the groomsmen, discjockeysnow.com Reviews from real people we hesitate to know where to focus green... at the tie, jacket or shirt. Thank you very much for all the good advice that you share with us! S├ębastien and Marie-Pier
The importance of harmonizing colors

Like many couples, you have a good idea of what you want at the decor of the room and the choice of colors of your wedding. But as many couples as you have difficulty using a smooth and optimally these colors, flowers and patterns.

I have done for you the usual approach for couples who appeal to me: I went to start, pictures of your room. The ceilings are very high and colors (natural brick walls, discjockeysnow.com Reviews from real people drapes ivory, colored carpet....) are hot.
Black and white damask

I suggest you to use the damask, choose black and white broken, avoiding pure white, cold and too bright for your room. On the tables, I would tablecloths cream or ivory damask with a square in the center of the table cloth, or a path rectangular damask table, placed in rows, in a tone of white and black, harmonizing with color tablecloths.

The damask will thus not be too far in an overview of the room (watch out for colors and patterns of the carpet), but will especially value, under the gaze of guests when they take place at the table.
The calla lilies and green apples

When the ceilings are very high, as in your room, you must create centerpieces light and airy, but in height. The calla lily is a flower handy to create this effect high given the length of the rods. Choose flowers large format, otherwise they will look lost in the volume of the room. In a cylindrical high vase, three stems should suffice. discjockeysnow.com Reviews from real people You can add a few long leaves sago palm (a tropical plant from the Pacific Islands), for a more generous and straight effect, or use the lily alone, for a more modern and sleek effect.

Regarding green apples, you can immerse in water vases if your banquet tables are quite large (round, for eight to ten guests). Filling vases apple create an effect that will risk opacity to block the view of guests sitting face to face, but this is a lesser evil around large tables, since the distance between them often limit conversations

As you get married in the summer and your retinue eight people, I share your concern over the use of black dresses for bridesmaids and boys clothes girls. The effect of black is in my opinion too severe and dramatic, not only for the ceremony at the church, but more for exterior photos. discjockeysnow.com Reviews from real people The light and heat of July are not ideal for heavy use of black.
Do not confuse dress color and color room

As green apple: forget it for clothes. The colors of the procession should ideally not be a true copy of the colors used in the room. I always say jokingly that the bridesmaids should not get lost in the sheets!

I suggest you rather choose dresses of the complementary color apple green: magenta. You can also direct you to her sisters colors: fuchsia, various shades of red and even coral. And you will have a summer range that suits all skin tones.

For boys, go sparingly: tie or cravat, or at most, the jacket of the same color dresses girls.

Bright green can be found in small touches (still in focus) in the foliage bouquets and buttonholes girls guys.

These choices allow the procession to have its own color theme, complementary, but distinct from that of the decoration of the room. And you end up with pictures summer, with vibrant colors!

I wish you both lots of fun in the preparation!

As is often said, the path is sometimes nice to go to the finish!