Appalachian Plateau

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The Appalachian Plateau located in North Georgia is known as the most scenic and smallest region of the state. It is also known as the TAG region because it borders Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia. The Appalachian Plateau is a mountainous region affected by the Appalachian Mountains that are in the Blue Ridge region and the Valley and Ridge region to the east. The main and only physical feature in this region is Lookout Mountain. This region also has cooler temperatures than the rest of Georgia because of its higher elevation and its northern latitude. The average temperatures are in the 80's with highs reaching the 90's. In the winter, highs average in the 40's with lows in the 20's (Fahrenheit).  The average rainfall is over 60 inches, and precipitation occurs about a third a day any given year.

- Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain is one of the main tourist attractions in the Appalachian Plateau. It gives a breathtaking view of the TAG region which makes up Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia. Lookout Mountain makes up a large portion of the Cumberland Plateau with a summit, "High Point", that  reaches an elevation of 2,392 feet above sea level! It has over 30 miles of hiking trails which were once walked by Native Americans that settled in the land!  

- Cave Exploring

The Appalachian Plateau is one of the world's most exciting destinations to go caving. Some caves that are popular are Ellison's Cave, Pettijohn's Cave, and Byers Cave. Ellison's Cave is the 12th deepest cave in the United States and has the two deepest cave drops in the United states called "Fantastic" (drops 586 feet) and "Incredible" (drops 440 feet)! Pettijohn's Cave has more than 6 miles of passages and Byers Cave has more than 5 miles of passages!

- Hang Gliding

The Appalachian Plateau's Lookout Mountain Flight Park is the largest and most popular hang gliding school in the United States. It is a camping and lodging mountain resort located near the landing zone so you can enjoy watching hang gliders fly in the sky and land all day. When the park is open, morning classes are offered every day except for Christmas, so there is no limit on your schedule!

-Battle of Chickamauga

The Battle of Chickamauga is one of the Civil War's bloodiest battles and Georgia's biggest battle on September 18-20, 1863. The name comes from the Chickamauga Creek, which it took place near. This battle was very costly for both armies (Union and Confederate troops). The Union had around 16,000 casualties when the Confederate Army had 18,000. Even though the battle was considered a Confederate victory, the Union achieved the objective; the capture of Chattanooga.


The Appalachian Plateau has a great location in Georgia. It is located in the TAG region, which means it is bordering Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia. This is a great job location because you have easy access to three states. It's good for other things, too! If you have headquarters wanting to come from other countries, they have three different states to fly into and have quick access to your company. Also, the Appalachian Plateau has great tourism this way. People wanting to visit from Tennessee and Alabama have a very short trip to make even for a weekend and still enjoy the fun that the Appalachian Plateau has to offer!


The Appalachian Plateau has a big industry in coal mining. This is very convenient for the people who live in this region so you don't have to help pay with the coal that is shipped there.  Also, the scenic areas promote tourism. Unfortunately, due to poor soil, agriculture is very limited.

"Cornerstone County of the South"


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