Displaying the Real Picture through Child Statistics

The world would be a better place if we place equal priority to the rights of small children. If you come to think of it, not every child is privileged to acquire a basic education and healthcare; the statistics of underprivileged children display a very sad truth about the world we are residing in at the moment. Some children live under the harshest conditions and their basic rights are violated on a day to day basis.

Therefore, the task before us is to be responsible and take initiatives in order to alter the lives of such underprivileged children so that all their dreams and wishes are fulfilled. Some of the proven statistics are mentioned below in order to assess the situation:

  • India is home to about more than 400 million children from where every second child is malnourished or undernourished (National Family Health Survey III- NFHS).
  • The sex ration throughout the world is extremely low.
  • If you take an example of the country India, you would realise that about more than 20 percent of the babies born are either undernourished or are suffering from a low birth weight (National Family Health Survey III- NFHS)
  • The girl child possesses a higher mortality rate than boys.
  • The scheduled castes and tribes suffer the most with children less than three years of age suffering from weight issues in comparison to the rest of the population.
  • About more than 45 out of a 1000 babies do not live longer than a year (Sample Registration System- SRS, 2011).
  • Anaemia is a common occurrence amongst among almost over 79 percent children. The ratio of women is higher in these cases than men.
  • Most children are not able to receive full immunisation while about 11.8 percent children are engaged in some form of child labour.
  • The enrolment ratio is low while the dropout ration is high, according to MoSPI and the District Information System for Education- DISE.
  • Children with disabilities are hardly encouraged to attend school.
  • Lastly, about 45 percent of girls in India are forced to marry before the age of eighteen years.

These statistics display the real circumstances of millions of underprivileged children who also undergo child abuse and neglect. These circumstances will definitely change once there is awareness amongst people all over the world. Therefore, if you wish to help in any way, contact your nearest NGO and make a donation or become a volunteer. Be the change!