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Support our national product launch on Kickstarter!!

THE Mobile App for Choirs!!

We've done it! Created, tested, tweaked and retested & now it's primed to GO LIVE!
Our mobile app for church music ministries is all set to go and we've packed our bags so we can hit the road for the Gospel Heritage Praise and Worship Conference in Atlanta, GA.
We've started a project over at Kickstarter to aid in raising the funds for our launch event while in Atlanta and we need your help.

Please head over to our Kickstarter project page and support us anyway you can. Every dollar helps, but equally if not more important is to get the word out that the project is live.
We have 24 days to raise the funds and it's all or nothing!!

The more people that know and head over to take a look the better our odds of reaching our goal. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and every other social media outlet you're on Share the link and have your followers check us out. I can't thank you enough in advance!!

Here is the link to the project one more time go on and take a peek!


For more info on the app itself and what it does, check out our website and the video below.

  • Mobile app for iOs ( including iPad) Android and Windows
  • Customized by Organization
  • Further customized for each choir, group or band within your ministry.
  • Social Media Enabled
  • Lyrics, Vocal Parts, Video, Attire and many more modules available.

Vicky Johnson app creator, is a long standing active choir and Praise Team member.  An author, speaker and former television personality her passion for entrepreneurship and excellence in ministry execution.

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