Homemade Stress Alleviators

You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway.”  

― Steve Maraboli

There are many causes of stress, some of which are self-imposed, internal or external. Some stresses that happen in life, in general, include the death of loved ones, separation (break-up or divorce), emotional challenges like depression and anxiety, or trauma. Situational stressors come in the form of discrimination, pollution or even sexual orientation. In the workplace, corporate stress triggers range from being unhappy at work, having an unmanageable workload, long work hours, or being in a toxic environment.

By now, we’ve all come to accept the fact that stress is an inevitable part of life. It is up to us whether we will let these stressors get to us, or if we should find a way to relieve it. Not all of us have a calming technique or fidget cubes to keep ourselves and our minds distracted.

One method of relieving stress is through arts and crafts, or DIY activities, where the process themselves may be therapeutic enough to ease your woes and tension:

Home-Made Essential Oils:

These have been used as a remedy for centuries. There’s no need to splurge on scented candles and ridiculously priced oils –nature has plenty of scents we can enjoy for free. Thank the heavens bottling these scents up is possible. Essential oils can be used as beauty care products, medicinal treatments, and cleaning products.

Build Your Own Stress Ball:

Put your anxiety at ease with this 2-ingredient DIY stress ball. Just get yourself some balloons and flour. After all the flour is poured in the balloon, tie it up and make sure there isn’t any extra air inside. Wipe off any excess flour. Squeeze away!

Ssssscrub Away:

Lemon and lime fragrances are not only refreshing, but they are also reported to help alleviate stress, increase mental clarity and reduce tension. All you need is some sugar, coconut oil, lemon and drops of essential oils to make your own citrusy scrub.

Soothing Eye Pillow:

If you have scarves you no longer use, they may serve you better in another repurposed form: a soothing eye pillow. It doesn’t matter what material your scarf is made of, but satin proves to be quite beneficial on skin. Not only does satin make you feel like royalty, it also refrains from absorbing too much your skin’s natural oils compared to cotton surfaces.

Head Massager:

One trial run and you won’t even regret sacrificing your whisk for this DIY head massager. All you need is a whisk, wire cutters, and hot glue. Get ready to get chills from your head to your toes. Only science –and your ticklish spots – can explain why these massagers feel so good.

Teacup candles:

Another project you can incorporate your homemade essential oil into are these cute teacup candles. Rather than spraying around an air freshener, spread the relaxing aroma by lighting one of these. Add them to your bath time regimen, or during afternoon tea.


Not in the mood to unleash your creative side? Popping bubble wrap always works.