Is Rippln going to be the next big mobile social networking app? I think it could be!! ***VERY IMPORTANT!! If you would like to look at this further, please send me an email to  ripplintogether@gmail.com   so that I can send you valid invitation code, because THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO CHECK IT OUT FURTHER.*** OR fill out the form below , and in message please type: "Give Me My Rippln Invite"

Now not only does Rippln have all these elements that are all massively used on a daily basis but they pay its members for sharing it with people and will also pay commissions on all the sales made within the App. The app is free to be a part of so absolutely no risk involved. Imagine if facebook or Google shared their revenue with its members wouldn’t it be even more popular? Probably! Well that’s exactly what Rippln is doing through the latest trend of mobile app technology. The core staff and creators are Microsoft and Google gurus and a well known internet entrepreneur named Russel Brunson. Rippln has just finished the first stealth stage where people have to sign a non disclosure statement to keep the details to themselves and invite others by personal email or mobile. Now Rippln has entered the Buzz stage where its core team of members can now openly use the videos and advertise Rippln to attract new people to become free app users. Rippln projects that in 1 year 20 million people will have this free app, and from 24 to 30 months that number to be up to 200 million users.Position yourself in the centre of the ripple!

Once you join Rippln for free and start to share it by inviting others you will see your ripple grow virally. Like throwing a rock in to a pond the ripples get larger as they spread from the middle and so will yours. The Rippln mobile app is available through limited invite only. Once you have the app, than you can invite other people. You will see in real time how your ripple grows as your friends invite others. Discover why and how apps actually go viral. Launch of the fastest New Viral App. Inbox me at  , for special invite code.

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