Designing Coherent Instruction

Differentiation of Data

Benchmark Data was taken from the third nine weeks, STAAR Writing Released test.  I used this data to help determine strengths and weakness of students.  Since I was able to determine areas of student weakness' I was able to tailor my instruction to meet their needs.  The data also indicated students who made commended performance and were performing at or above expectations.  The data was used to help determine in school and after school tutoring.  Data was also used to help guide extensions for students performing well, and small group instruction.

Lead Forward Heat Map

The Lead Forward heat map was very helpful in determining specific areas that students were struggling with.  The Heat Map broke down data by the TEKS, Readiness Standards, and Supporting Standards.  The Heat Map for grade for writing showed that there was high concern for Topic Sentences.  Mechanics, punctuation marks, commas, homophones, and complete sentences were also of concern.  The Heat map allowed me to easily see very specific areas that needed addressed, and I was able to implement remediation immediately.

Data Annalysis

Breaking down of Data was important to the success of all students.  By looking at the data and what it told me, I was able to get a broader picture of student performance.  I was able to break information down by race, economic status, gender, LEP, and SpEd.  I was able to look at the specific groups and determine if there were specific areas that needed addressed.

Please click on the link above to view teacher created data analysis