Final Performance

After a while of working on our hydraulic bridge, we completed all the tasks involved and came through with a well functioning system.  We are really proud on the work that we have put into this project.  The way it works is by pushing the syringe inward which allows water to pass through to the other syringe that is attached to the bridge to make the bridge rise.  This is so that tall ships can pass through safely without crashing into the bridge.  Then when we pull the syringe back outward it moves the water back into the syringe that is unattached to anything.  This is done so that cars can pass by on top of the bridge.  My group and I had some problems but we managed to work them out together and I believe that we did a fantastic job on this system.  I am proud to say that we have finally completed this project and have finished it on time as well.  There will be a video of our project working on IPad #5