The Love Affair of Slim and The Wife of Curley

by: Luis A. Celestino

                                                                    It was a dark warm, eerie,still, night and slim was alone the bunkhouse playing solitaire . The full moons rays penetrated the bunk house through the window, for him It was another source of light. While shuffling the deck he hears footsteps. When he hears the steps he stop completely and it got really quiet. He thought to himself, maybe it was just a coyote or a black bear. so he deals a game of solitaire then he hears the wooden latch of the door open and he looks at door with fright and terror thinking to himself who is cumin’ through the door I didn’t invite anyone , is it george , lennie who is it ? A shadow comes through the door and slim stands up with a jolt and squints toward the door to see who the person is walking in to the bunk house. Finally the shadow walks in front of the window and the  rays of the moon reflected off her face and was Curley’s wife she says “hello slim” with a smile on her face. Slim sighs with relief.

                                                                      Slim asks Curley’s wife, “what the hell are you doin’ here!” and she replies in a sexy, seducing, calm voice and says “did I scare you?” and he replies “that wasn’ question now answer it ! ” She starts walking the perimeter of the room with her index finger rubbing the wall and says “ just walkin’ around I was bored in my house so i decided to explore and came about this bunkhouse and I just wanted to see who was  here honestly I thought everyone was  at the cat house” and he looks at with a skeptically stare and says “ sure you were” then she asks “why you here by yourself “ and he replies I didn’t wanna go so what’s  it to you ?” she replies very quietly “nothing at all.” Slims sits back down and says “well since you’re here and you were soooo bored why don’t you sit and play cards with me.” she suddenly stops and quickly says “no” then she slowly walks toward him and puts he hands on his shoulders and whispers in his ear “you know what I really want?” then slim gets up quickly after she says that and says “look I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize your marriage. Curley’s wife push slim to the wall and says “if anything you helping it.” he says “maybe you should clear out” nervously, then she replies “baby let this play out don’t act like this don’t want to do this.” Then she kisses him.

                                                                 Interrupting there one sided kiss the door was knocked down. It was curley that knocked the door down with a candle in one hand and a shotgun the other. “I know I’d find you here cheatin’ on me” said curley ,Then slim pushes curley’s wife off him, then puts his hands up and slowly walks to him and nervously saying  “ it’s not what it looks like ” Curley then says “that’s what they all say” and then shoots him with no hesitation. Then Curley wife screams and cry’s and says “why did you did that!” he says “what do you mean why I did that I should kill you too since you the one who cheatin’ on me you disgusting little tart.” then she replies “go right ahead curly, slim was a real man you just a lil boy I rather die than to be wit you” then curly shoots her and drops down to his knees , drops the shotgun and starts crying and says to himself “nobody will ever love me.” So Curley looks at the shotgun, picks it up, puts the end of the shot gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger.

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