Story By: Erica Kovarik Photos By: Jessica Reicks

Along long time ago in the 1800's their was a story told about a doll that haunted and killed people through out the night in the cornfields and grave yards. She was you ordinary doll that you would play with as a little girl. Everyone believed it back then and was terrified that they were going to be her next victims to the point were nobody was seen at night, let alone by themselves.

The old story goes that a doll named Alice was once own by a young girl. She had gotten it for a gift from a kind young man that had helped her dad on the farm one day. She loved the doll so much that she took her everywhere she went.

The doll was one of the prettiest dolls you could ever have in the 1800's. It had a beautiful light blue dress and a matching hat to go with. She had curly red hair and the most deepest dark brown eyes you could ever imagine. Who wouldn't love to have this doll as a little girl?

As the story goes, Alice one night went missing. The little girl could not find her doll and was horrified. She was gone and they could not find her anywhere. Her parents searched all day and night and could not find Alice. They then told the girl to go to bed and they would look for Alice in the morning. But as the story goes, through the night Alice had took the little girl and took her into the cornfield and cut her to pieces. The little girls body was never found. Every since she killed the little girl, she killed somebody every night in the cornfield.

The story has been passed on to people for 100's of years now and still is happening. Whose's gonna be Alice's next victim? Will it be you?

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