Suitable Bakery machines Provider

We specialize in supplying you with quality machinery, within your budget, and offer you our industry knowledge to help you make the best purchase decision for you and your business. Bake Tech. Enterprises is committed to being the premiere industry machinery resource. We are fulfilling the demands of a wide range of Bakery Equipments that finds functionality in a running bakery environment. When it comes to manufacture and supply highly trustworthy and qualitative bakery machines like Baking Machine, commercial bakery machinery, industrial bakery machinery and stainless steel bakery machinery, we are a well recognized name in the global markets. We offer multitude of bakery machines including spiral dough kneader, planetary cake mixer, bread slices and many more.

Our businesses work together with one simple and seamless set of values for customers. Our capability, determination and honesty ensure that we create value by fulfilling our commitments to our customers, our employees and the communities and societies in which we operate, acting in accordance with sound business values. Bakery machines manufacturers are the result of years of tests and research. Designed & realized according to the most up-to-date projecting and construction standards, these ovens are manufactured in stainless steel and with revolving cart devised for rapid insertion and removal, operating with gas, diesel or electricity. Suitable for baking breads, buns, cakes & pizzas on an industrial level. We are a highly reputed and widely acclaimed manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a wide range of industrial bakery machineries includes:-

Rotary Rack Oven- Bake Tech rotary ovens Designed and realized according to the most up-to-date standards.

Spiral Mixer-Our spiral mixer making baking processes more quick and convenient. These spiral mixers are specifically designed to mix all type of dough fast and better.

High Speed Mixer- Our high speed mixer is designed to mix any kind of dough for mass production of bakery products.

Planetary Mixer-Our high speed mixer is designed to mix any kind of dough for mass production of bakery products.

High Speed Slicer- We are engaged in offering Bread Slicer that is widely used in the continuous slicing of bread pieces in an efficient manner.

Dough Moulder- Dough modular machine gives uniform shape to the dough. Designed for continuous operation at high speed.

Dough Divider- Dough divider can be used for all type of dough which is equipped with too standard pistons.

Swing Tray Oven- We offers a wide range of Swing Tray Baking Ovens, which are designed by our expert professionals, as per the specific requirements of our customers.

Flour Shifter- Flour shifter used in various bakery to remove unwanted particle from the flour. This effective machine used to sieves flour at very high speed.

Dough Bowl Hoist - We are the expert manufacturer and supplier of finest quality Dough Bowl Hoist. These machines are designed for rapid and accurate scaling of products so that they may look perfect and be palatable in taste.

Water Batching Tank- The water batching tank used to measure the units of water and bring it to right quantity for dough makeup. For more information visit the site