Grayson with the greenest eyes you've ever seen, Grayson of a mom he doesn't always get to see,Grayson whose life will be forever happy.

Is a happy baby boy.

wobbling around on newly used legs, Laughing at goofy faces thrown his way, toddling around on grass as green as his eyes, crying when he doesn't get his way, wanting everything he sees.

Grayson loves his momma very much, so many questions unanswered, Grayson knows nothing of his father.

Because they were so young.

Grayson inside has so many questions, inside he is too young to understand the answers to any of those questions, inside he wonders about everything.

Is happy in the worst situations.

Likes everyone to be happy, loves to laugh and giggle, want what he want when he wants it, loves his grandma and grandpa very much, will grow up to be the happiest handsomest man you've ever seen.

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