Narrative Poem Howard's English Period 4

Batman, with a deep dark shadowy presence

Batman, of a strange city full of dangerous criminals

Batman, whose goal is to hunt down very dangerous criminals

is The Dark Knight

Sneaks in the black night as dark as if you are blind,

Runs like the cold strong wind,

Disappers like a scarey ghost in the lonely night,

Catches deadly crimials, then leaves them for unskilled cops,

Fights, like a fast striking cobra.

Batman fights crime,

Protects the scared and the weak,

And stands for justice,

It is the right thing to do.

Batman inside the dark forzen shadows,

Inside the dangerous night,

Inside the city's cold winter air on roof tops,

is Batman

Wakes in the evil night,

Watches in the black filled night,

Stands strong in the cold night,

Fights in the criminal filled night,

Uses the night.

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