The Moons Imortance

Luis Angel Lunares
8th hour

Have you ever wondered about how the moon does so many wonderful things. It causes Tides, phases , and eclipses isn't that great. Here let me show you.

Next is moon phases. Moon phases are caused by the sun, Earth, and the moon. The shadows of the Earth cause moon phases. the moon phases affect us because they give us natural light at night except the New Moon phase. The 8 moon phases are New Moon, Full Moon, Waning Crescent, Waning Gibbous, Waxing Crescent, Waxing Gibbous, First Quarter, and Third Quarter.

Next we are going to talk about tides. There are a few different types of tides Spring Tide, Neal Tide, High Tide, and Low Tide. Tides are caused mainly by difference in how much gravity from the moon and the sun pulls on different parts of Earth. They affect Earth because it makes the water rise and get lower. Spring Tide is the combined forces produce a Tide with the greatest difference between consecutive low and high tides. Neal Tide is a Tide with the least difference between consecutive low and high tides.

There are 4 types of eclipses. Annular Solar, Total Solar, Partial Lunar, and Total Lunar. They affect Earth because solar eclipses can hurt peoples eyes. They occur because the moon, earth, and sun. The moon either goes into the shadow o Earth or the Earth gets in the shadow of the Moon.

The moon is really important to Earth. It cause Moon phases, tides, and eclipses. Also it gives us natural light at night. Hope you learned how the moon is important.

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