Bill of Rights/ 10 Amendments

Amendment 1

This amendment ensures freedom of speech, religion, assembly, press, and to petition to change something about the government.

Amendment 2

The right to keep and bear weapons.

Amendment 3

Citizens do NOT have to house and soldiers if they do not wish to do so.

Amendment 4

No form of law can search your belongings or your property without your consent without a search warrant given by a judge.

Amendment 5

No person has to speak to any government official about a crime or an injustice unless on trial in front of a jury; has the right to remain silent.

Amendment 6

The right to a "Speedy Trial" in front of an impartial jury. The right to have witnesses testify for him/her.

Amendment 7

You can not be tried twice for the same cause and are innocent until proven guilty.

Amendment 8

Cruel and unusual punishments will not be given.

Amendment 9

People are endowed certain , inalienable rights. Therefore, these rights can not be taken away.

Amendment 10

Defines the separation of powers between the federal government, and the states.

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