Conflict Cafe Video Series:
Improve Your Resolution Strategies in 3 Simple Steps

By Shimekia Nichols, Certified Mediator @ Choose2Talk Mediation Agency

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Conflict in our homes, jobs and relationships can leave us feelong drained, frustrated, restless or even depressed. Finding resolution to a dispute or uncomfortable conversation dosent have to isolate you, cost a lot of money or take much of your time. There are non-advesarial approaches you can use that will improve your chances of a sucessful outcome that leaves you with a peace of mind and sense of well-being.

"Preparation is the key to success."

Here are 3 reasearch-based tricks Choose2Talk Mediation Agency suggests you use the next time you are engaging in a conversation or interaction with someone you are not seeing eye to eye with.


Many times we are overly invest in the outcome of our conversations especially if we have bumped heads with a person before. Often we are simply distracted or overwhelmed subconsciously even before we are approached with a conflict or criticism. When someone begins talking try to avoid rebuttals or defensive responses to each point you disagree with, instead, focus on maintaining eye contact and nod affirmatively when something is said that you are in agreement.


The colors red, green and blue have been proven to have a tremendous impact on persuadsiveness and the acceptance of new idea, attitudes and information. While red is more stimulating and exciting, Researchers credit our subconscious association of the color red with stopping. Green is percieved to be a representation of growth and renewal. Blue hues psychologically has calming effects that can make a disputant more open to amicable solutions.


Stay cool during your next convo by popping a peppermint. In the time it takes to consume the red and white candy you will have given your disputant time to speak without interuption and the sugary after taste may even sweetn your words when it is your turn to resppond. Peppermint oil is a great and healthy alternative to candy. Just rember to use it in moderation as it packs a powerful punch in each drop.

These tips were provided in part by Corrie Pikul, contributor on "Finding Peace in Less Than 5 Minutes", Researchers at Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia and Dr. Mehmet Oz, "3 Colors That Improve Your Well-being".

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