Journal Entry #1

Your Headline

Journal Entry #2

robert- HOWDY Y’all

Joe+Kat- hey Robert

Robert- Y’all drinking tar water

Joe- no im drinking fresh water *chuckles*

Kat- I’m not drinking at all

Robert- well imma bout to get wallpapered.

Robert- Well i’ll meet up with some fresh fish tomorrow to get em yankees

Kat- Give them sunday soldiers a good whippen.

Joe- considering hes tight he will get beatenit will be better whippen *chuckles*

Robert- I’ve been through the mill and I know them yankees don’t fight

Joe- if they can’t fight then why did they join the army *chuckle*

Roebert- thats what I’m sayin… Well have a good day ya hear

Joe- I hear ya

Journal Entry #3

Dear Martha,

The description of life at camp is very simple, miserable. Every day we go through the same things, eat, sleep, drill. Every day we do that and if we refuse we get beaten. Having fun in camp out here in Charlotte is nearly impossible. Things that are fun get repeated every day such as cards and eventually get boring. Well I'll try to survive life here as best as possible.

From Stephen

Journal Entry #4

Journal Entry #5

Dear Martha,

This letter is another letter about camp. Passing time hear has gotten easier than last time. Now I write music and meditate in camp a lot. I eat a lot hard tack since its common. Sometimes you can still taste the worms inside of the hard tack.

Love yours,


Journal Entry #6,

Civil War Music

My favorite song was Eatin' Gobber Peas because it was really funny and catchy.

Remix to Sail

This is how I shoot my gun

I do it with my only thumb

Blame it on the Yankees babe

Maybe I should cry for help

Maybe I should amputate myself

Blame it on the Yankees

This is how an angel dies

I blame it on my own supply

Blame it on my cavalry baby



Journal Entry #7

Dear Martha,

Living in camp my eyes are scared. I've seen many people die and I've seen way worse. During camp I have seen many people die of led piosioing, people die of starvation, I can go on for days. It is tough knowing all these people die but I just stay unhurt, I feel selfish.



Journal Entry #8

Dear Martha,

Wow what I have been through. After finally surrendering I'm able to come home to you. Being a confederate I have witnessed many defeats but also witnesses many victories. I am not disapointed that we lost since all slaves. I have never been for having slaves but now I get to see you.

Love, Stephen

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