The High Performing Casio Chronograph Watches

Chronographs came up as an instrument to catch speed within two (sometimes, three) hands and the high performing Casio chronographs took it a step ahead to pursue the fine splits of time and speed. Most Casio chronographs the Edifice line features cool metal bodies and confident texturing, topped with striking face designs and crystal clear visibility. Their styling is bold; therefore, impacts the wearers look pretty heavily.

The combination of a smart, chic design with sporty functions and look paid off well for the Casio Edifice chronographs, almost all of them giving out the vibe often associated with much more expensive watches. The build and quality of materials become evident from the comfortable heft of the new range of these Casio chronographs, though nothing compared to the vintage, screwback G-Shock chronos. Heavier watches do feel tougher and more solid, but Edifice chronographs showed otherwise. Its possible to be tough and solid without being too heavy.

All the Edifice chronographs come with a 10 BAR water resistance (1bar = 10m) and case and dial designs inspired by motor sports. The dials are often carbon fiber (sometimes even the hands and bracelet inserts), a much-used material in racing vehicles. It imparts immense strength to the structure yet keeps things light and breezy compared to either steel or titanium.

One of the most acclaimed among the line is the Seiko Kinetic with the engine motif just as loud as to be noticeable. The stacked sub-dials strategically cover the dial promoting enhanced legibility and at the same time, brings a dynamic look. One of them is designed after racing wheels, which kind of justifies its power to split each second to its 1/20th part. Here, the chronograph is retrograde i.e. moves back to its starting position when the counting gets over or when you reset.

However, if you are really that deep into racing sports, the Casio Edifice Active Racing Line shall prove a better choice.

But hey! Lets talk about the new addition to the EDIFICE line in 2014 the EFR-540 and ERA-201. The Multifunction Chronograph EDIFICE also sports a multidimensional face thats good at capturing the hearts! The dual-layer design makes the hour indicators appear pretty impressive (expressive too) on top of the inset dials and the the high vibration-resistant aGEL giving it an outstanding resistance to vibrations, jerks and shocks.

Now, the difference is between being analog and ana-digi. The LCD creates a dynamic design highlight with contrast to the lustrous and sharp-looking hour-indicators, adding a feel of depth. The seconds hands come in red, blue and green, with the green accompanying 3 out of the 5 models. This increases visibility incredibly.

Its not easy teaming up with the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team but its tougher keeping up once you manage to do so. The World Champions of Formula One gave enough inputs from their tech team to create the high performing Seiko mens watch; now it depends on how well you wear them out!