Peter Stuyvesant

The last Dutch director-General of New Netherland

By Kelly H.
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     Before New York became New York, it was called New Netherland. Peter Stuyvesant was the last dutch director-general of New Netherland. When he was director-general, he was unpopular, and  he faced many loses, but overall he was shamed for losing the battle to the English and letting new Netherland become New York.

     Peter Stuyvesant tried to inforce many rules including, no liquor could be sold on Sunday, and he wanted everyone to be apart of the Dutch church. He also did many bad, or harsh things when he was general. He would not let anyone else have any of his  power. In other words he liked to be the only man on top. Because of all his rules and regulations the people did not like him very well. So when the English came to try to take over, the people did not try very hard to stop them. Peter was forced to surrender.

     Peter sailed back to Holland and then returned New York and died there.