In Service to Others

Brian Sirmon is an extremely successful law enforcement professional, pastor, and philanthropist. He currently has over 15 years of law enforcement experience, 12 years ministry, and youth ministry experience, and has been on the board of Servants of the Poor since 2010. As a law enforcement professional, Brian has served in numerous positions with police forces all over the country since the beginning of his career in 1999. These positions include the Sheriff Deputy Sergeant, a Certified Taser International Instructor, and a Field Training Officer. He also has experience as a shift supervisor responsible for overseeing the conduct of other officers and making shift decisions. As both a pastor and youth pastor, Brian Sirmon gained valuable experience instructing individuals through the use of presentations. He learned how to develop programs and train people on how to be effective in the pursuit of their goals. He was also elected to serve on the state board for youth pastors while raising and managing a budget of 240,000 dollars. His leadership in the church directly translated to his work in law enforcement, and it gave him the unique ability to see both sides to a dilemma.

Brian Sirmon lives a life in service for others and his community. His lengthy career as a police officer and law enforcement professional is a testament to his hard working character. He has had advanced training in various aspects of law enforcement including Driving While Intoxicated Detection, Standardized Field Testing, Crime Scene Investigation, and Traffic Accident Investigation. Brian Sirmon is a confident, self-motivated, and determined individual looking to grow and become an asset to any company in need of his experience.

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