Emmanuela Marrone, also known as Emma, was born on 25 May 1984 in Florence. She is an italian pop/rock singer. Her family moved from Florence to Aradeo, where they originally came from.

Emma developed her passion for music from her father Rosario.
She started her professional musical career in 2003, when she took part in the second Italian edition of "Popstars". Emma won the talent show and with another 2 girls she formed the LUCKY STAR band. After that, the band broke up.
In 2009 she took part in another talent show: "Amici by Maria De Filippi". She won the competition. In March 2010 she released her first album "OLTRE". She participated at the Sanremo Music Festival, the most famous song contest in Italy, with the Modà band; they won the second place. One year later, she won 62nd edition of Sanremo Music Festival with a single written by Modà.

In March 2012 she came back to the talent show "Amici by Maria De Fi+lippi" in the category BIG, which her friend Alessandra Amoroso won.
In February 2013 Emma was chosen as artistic director of one of the teams in "Amici by Maria De Filippi". On 21 January 2014 she was chosen to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, in Copenhagen. She classified in the 21st position.

Every album which Emma does, is usually followed by an Italy-tour, but for the last album, called "SCHIENA", she did 3 Italy-tours.
Last month, RAI announced, that Emma will present with Arisa and Carlo Conti Sanremo Music Festival 2015.

In my opinion Emma is a fantastic woman. She cares about her fans, she is always very present on the social network. She is polite, very crazy, ironic and nice. Emma is my idol and she is an artist, who i admire both for her talent as well as for her personality.