Simple Termites Control Work

Let the pest species increased global warming, also let the rapid growth of the pests like termites. Mild humid spring was the best season to relax, and termites are always at this time to disturb our life. They are always in the evening biting our skin, let skin become red itch. Although not yet found they can spread bacteria or virus, however, they cause a lot of trouble to us. We need some simple termites control method, so we find professionals to provide advice and assistance to us.

Don't ignore home acrid taste seasoning. There is a good assistant to drive termites. Onion, pepper, mint and marigold and other condiments and flowers and plants can be driven termites. They give off spicy and pungent odor let termites unbearable, therefore, as long as there are these things can drive termites. Make them into powder or spray, spray the area or termite nests in termites, get rid of them. Although this method is very useful, but can only be used in the short term.

There are also some trap is against termites, wet cardboard trap has been our for termites control a good assistant. Termites like damp environment, also like to eat fiber, then wet cardboard is luring them into good bait trap. Put the cardboard in termite them through, as long as they can climb along with cardboard to burn to a safe place. You can also buy in pharmacies and some pet store nematodes, put the worms in termite nests. Let nematodes parasitic in the termite larvae, prevent their growth.

For those who are termites eat away at furniture and wood, you should take them burn or pollution-free processing. A termite will breed a lot of termites, even if only one nearby wood termites you also don't ignore. Take the wood to the sun or get ice frozen, kill termites using the change in temperature. If you don't have the time or the need for a wide range of termites control -

, you should consult ant company. They have professional equipment and knowledge to help you out the ants.

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