How did women effect the war?

By: Kiley Coats, Kate Barkley, and Ella Cates

Women made a big impact in World War I. In other countries women that weren't nurses were allowed to enlist in the Navy, marine corps, and coast guard. However, US army said no to women serving. Nevertheless, women organized AT&T to communicate with soldiers. Also, women worked in factories to produce weapons for men in the war, and women started the Red Cross and Salvation Army for injured soldiers.

What was Christmas like in 1914 for soldiers?

Christmas for soldiers was different than we imagened, and on this Christmas morning, a miracle arose with the sun!🌞😃On Christmas Day in 1914 the Germans and British had a cease fire and celebrated the holidays together. While they greeted each other, enemies exchangedgifts like cigars, and they played games such as soccer. First came the start of the war, then 5 months after that came the truce. Although many future of truces have been tried, but they have never successfully succeed.

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