The Aztecs

How many people lived in the Aztecs civilization?

           The Aztec civilization had about 15 million people when they first began to rule. Later the population increased real quickly and had about 140,000 inhabitants. The population would keep increasing but so would the fights. About 240,000 people died as well.

What did the Aztecs eat?

      The Aztecs major crop was corn. They used corn for a lot of good natural things. They would grind the corn into dough to make tortillas and used the kernels in soup like posole. They grew a bunch of fruits and vegetables. Beans was also another good source of protein for them to eat to make soup and stew. The Aztecs ate insects and insect eggs if there wasn't any meat. Though, meat wasn't a prominent part of the Aztec diet.

How did they get their food?

       The Aztecs would occasionally go hunting and kill animals if they could because their was barely any meat sources in the area. Instead they would plant crops because it was easier to get food that way without having the trouble of finding animals. Chinampas became the food production of the people. Also they used gardens and had crops on the mainland.

How did they dress?

      The Aztecs clothing was more like very loose clothing. It didn't really cover up their whole body. The clothing would have fiber weaved into it and made of cotton. Women would wear skirts and a short sleeved shirt or sleeve less blouse with decorations like the men.

What did their warriors look like?

      There were two different kinds of Aztec warriors -> Eagle and Jaguar warriors. The Eagle warriors wore helmets with eagle feathers and heads. Their armor was also adorned with feathers and their shields were brightly colored. The Jaguar warriors wore jaguar skin over their heads with their faces looking out beneath the jaguars mouth.  

What kind of gods did the Aztecs worship?

      The two gods that the Aztecs believed and worshipped were Tlaloc and Huitzilopochtli.


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