Who We Want To See This Christmas

By Peyton Merriman, Jaimie Winston, Kamari Johnson, And Jon Desenburg

   The person i want to spend time with the most is my uncle. He lives in chicago, so we dont see him often. He comes home every few years for christmas.  He lives to far away so  we don't see him often. We havn't seen him since either 2009 or 2011. He's coming home this year though, so well get to see him. I can't wait to see how he's changed.

- By Peyton Merriman

I hpoe to spend more time with my mother and sister for Christmas break. We would go to Marvel and have a good time. Wwe would put up the Christmas tree and eat candy canes. On Christmas day I would wake them and go down stairs. Me and my sister would look in our sockings and then open our gifts.

-By Kamari Johnson

    The person I hope to spend time with during winter break is my little sister. She is six years old, reall I remember from last year when it snowed I had had so much fun playing with her in the snow. We would put up the tree, build snowmans, and make snow angels.

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