College Athletes Should Be Paid for Sold Merchandise

Every Sunday I’d slip into my oversized burnt orange jersey, the one with the threads noticeably torn out of the pristine white ‘2’ sewn into the front and back. I’d shake up a popcorn bag and throw it into the microwave, listen to it pop and whistle as I peeked around the kitchen counter at the football players on TV, their jerseys nearly identical to my own. The microwave beeped and I ripped the door open, took out the fluffed up bag, and ran over to the couch to watch the play. The crowd was littered with orange and white hats, jerseys, shirts, pants, even jewelry, and I realized that the players weren’t the ones making a profit off of these merchandise items.

You may see the faces of your favorite football stars on jackets, shirts, and jerseys, sold almost anywhere you can buy a football. But what you may not think about is whether the faces on the shirts are getting paid for the merchandise sold in stores every single day.

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