Video games

It's bad for people to play video games all the time because your eyes get very red.

when you are close to the screen like a phone  or any device. you can get blinded when you are veryyyyyyyyyy! Close to the tv or a video game consle.

Heres a video and two pictures. together

Find out more about  why video games are badddddddddddddddddddddd!

Video games are bad because you can get very addicted if you get very addicted and keep playing your eyes hurt because of all the light that is in that video gamote this.

Il tell u about one game that u can get addicted to its called five nights at freddys 3 once u die a million time u get very angry u keep playing and u get pissed  

video games are bad because the bad stuff there are doing you can do it to for example if someone is playing  crossy road you mite do what the game is doing you can get injured.

There are 3 jumpscarers salvage and puppet foxy and pictures of puppet bb salvage .

it can make u faint because the jumpscares are so scary you can't resist it but pros can handle the jumpscares because there not scared of it.    

Challenge 3FC can you paly less video games In a day just play for 5 hours me and Harjot are going to give you a chart
for every one we will give you next week. Who ever plays for exact same time or less  you will be rewarded 20 dojo points if more than 5 hours I'll give you 10 dojo points if way more you will lose 15 dojo points. Hope you liked our Health presentation Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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