Tech Support Solutions –Select These Services Intelligently For Your Business

In this day and age, anybody who is thinking that they can survive without the extensive use of technology in day to day operations is basically kidding themselves. You will have to make use of computers and other digital data processing solutions at some or the other point in time. Having talked about our increasing dependence on computing solutions, we must also look at the rate of computer literacy in the current working class society. Although most of us are familiar enough with computers to get our work done, our knowledge lacks when it comes to the technical aspects of the job. Any malfunction in the system is enough to make us feel out of depth. This is the story of almost every non-technical entrepreneur – we are dependent on computers but we don’t really know much about them.

Taking the help of professional tech support services can help you bridge this gap. The idea is to let entrepreneurs concentrate on the core competencies of their business while technical experts deal with the computing problems. There are various types of tech support service providers available in the market and they offer different formats of solutions for business clients. Let us look at some of these varieties so that you can choose the one that suits your needs best.

Call Out

The most commonly used technical support type, the customer pays for the materials and for the services of the technician or engineer based on a pre-negotiated rate. It is also called T&M (Time and Materials) support service. Basically, the tech support executive is contacted as when an issue arises with the system and is remunerated on the basis of the services provided by them. This form of tech support makes sense for businesses that rarely experience technological issues with their machines and where the computer down-time will not prove to be very costly. Most small businesses prefer to go for these types of packages.

Managed services

This form of tech support covers a preset list of well-defined services that are provided on an ongoing basis with standard response and resolution times that are offered for a flat or fixed fee. The package will include round the clock monitoring of servers, a dedicated help desk and support team along with regular maintenance checks and repair work provided by experienced engineers. You can assume these packages would be slightly costlier than call-out based services. But if your business operates in the IT industry or your work requires constant connection with data like stock broking or data management work or you are looking for prompt resolution of technical issues and cannot afford computer downtime, this is the option you should be selecting.

There are many other formats of tech support services available but these two are the most popular ones. In the end, as a small business, you should choose the one that is most suitable to your requirements.

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