The University of Oregon

Duck Pride

Mascot: Fighting Duck

Campus History and Origin:

The University of Oregon is a four-year university and is part of the Association of American Universities. It is a public flagship research university located in Eugene, Oregon. UO was founded in 1876. The university is classified as having very high research activity.

The Oregon state Legislature established the university on October 12, 1872, even though the state was struggling financially. The door was officially opened in 1876. The very first enrollment ever for this school had only 155 students taught by five facility members. The first graduating class was in 1878, graduating five students.

There is about 3000 trees and 500 different types of of trees on UO's campus. Currently, the campus has 80 buildings. However, there is  construction projects, as well as plans to build new facilities in the future. It is also adjacent to the Pioneer cemetery.

Oregon athletes are known as the Ducks and are part of the Pacific-12 Conference. With nineteen varsity teams, the Oregon Ducks are best known for their football team and track and field program.

                                                            Fight Song!!

Admission requirements

Average freshman high school GPA:

Average GPA 3.58

  SAT scores:

Critical Reading 500–610

Math 500–620

Writing 490–600

ACT scores:

ACT Composite 22–27

Tuition Costs


Cost of Attendance:

In-state: $24,822
Out-of-state: $45,792

Tuition and Fees:

In-state: $9,918
Out-of-state: $30,888

Room and Board$11,442

Books and Supplies$1,050

Other Expenses$2,412

Campus Life: Shakespeare Festival


The Center for Shakespeare Studies offers workshops and discussions for groups visiting Ashland and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF)

Degree Plan: Architecture

  Some strengths for this area of study might include:

  • structures and construction technology
  • energy conscious design and environmental sustainability
  • housing and urban design
  • design process and theory
  • computer-aided design
  • lighting and lighting design
  • environment and behavior
  • vernacular architecture

Sample Courses:

Introduction to Architecture

Architectural Design I, II

Architectural Contexts: Place and Culture


Cover letter: Engineer Tech

Kobe James

Stratton Oakmont

34256 Yolo dr.

May 19, 2015

Good afternoon Mr. James,

I am applying for the position of a highly trained engineer tech in response to our meeting in your building office located at Oregon state on Yolo Dr.

I have just finished my masters degree for architecture design and mechanical engineering. I have gone on many internships for many companies gaining job experience so i do know what i am doing or will be doing. Engineering itself is being able to work well in a team without judging or shooting down any ideas. I have developed these skills and can use them effectively. I can be a great leader and i can also be a great co-worker and follow by example. I did very well in my classes as i was always ranked top three in all my classes. I have found out things about myself and things that i can do that i did not know and i am glad that i did.

I know that your engineers are highly trained and i believe i can reach their level with an opportunity from you and your company. I can be a great asset for this company and provide nothing but the best for you.


Nick Leyva

8889 eth street



Recommendation Letter:

To Whom It May Concern:

It is without any hesitation that i write this letter of recommendation Jonathan Garcia for enrollment at Florida State University. Mr. Garcia is an excellent student who always strives for the best and remains calm when facing an obstacle to his goal. He gives off a relaxed, cool kind of vibe without any stress or worries making other people feel the same.

Mr. Garcia is a well-behaved student who is an excellent student when he truly applies himself. He always strived for the best when actually participating in any activity or assignment given to him. Education does not come that easy to him therefore the slight lack of participation, but does try to make education easier for him by trying to figure out some shortcuts that still give him a good result. With a more challenging set of courses, im sure he will have a successful future with some lessons to learn along the way.

I can guarantee that he will provide his best for your school and be a good asset for grade statistics.

Best Regards,

Nick Leyva

IB Math Teacher

El Dorado 9th Grade Academy

El Paso TX 79938

Tel- 777-777-7777


Persuasive Letter:

Knowledge is a great thing and anyone would love to have it, but not anyone would work for it. I, Nick Leyva, am here to explain to you why I should be accepted into the university of Oregon. I believe that I should get an opportunity to attend your university because of my outstanding GPA, my hard working mentality and go-getter attitude. My life goal is to go to college and get an education on which i can live my life with and provide for my family and for myself. All my life I've been told to go to college if i want to live good, i never understood how it would make me live good but now i can see why and i can see it clearly.

No one in my family has gone to college right after high school and actually finish, i want to be the first. Now i am not telling you this to feel sympathy for me , i am telling you this so you can see how hungry and ambitious i am about this. To be able to share my knowledge with others would be a great a life achievement and i need your help to do that. All im asking for is an opportunity to show you how great i am. I have skills that other people do not, great work ethic, team skills,leadership, i am also very open-minded and can take constructive criticism

Like i said before knowledge is a great thing and anyone would love to have it but not anyone would work for it. I am willing to do anything for knowledge, let me show you. My dream is to be one of the best mechanical engineer or architect this world has ever seen, That is of course a challenging goal but it is worth the struggle for the rewards are endless through hard work.

Please consider me to be apart of this amazing school and i will not let you down.

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