Business Profile

CLM-CBIS are committed to client- focus, efficient and comprehensive pre-employment screening and credit investigation check.

CLM serves to address the ongoing concerns of employee theft, violence and falsified applicant information in the workplace. It includes the persons reputation, identity, previous employment experience, and any derogatory records as part of the assessment ofindividual ‘s suitability.

Our solutions enable clients to mitigate their hiring risks and make sound and decisive hiring choices. The need of establishing the creditworthiness of our clients before extending credit or terms is becoming more and more important especially in this time of global recession and business uncertainly.

Likewise, the need of knowing the real background of our employees before hiring and / or extending promotions or giving them permanent or regular appointments has risen up to high priority level in order to save time and money by hiring the right people for our operations.

Our Mission

Is to create a focus on our client’s needs whereby we listen and determine the employment screening service that suits your industry, budget and human resource requirements. By establishing ourselves as your trusted partner, we will deliver value, integrity and with full satisfaction reports.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing you can trust our services. We tailor packages to meet and exceed your expectations in employment background checks. Our background screening services are designed to provide workplace safety, allow you to make informed hiring decisions while minimizing legal exposure.

Our Main Services

1. Complete or Partial Background Investigation

2.    Complete Credit/Background  Investigation

3.    Records Checking ( Property Verification)

1. Complete Background Investigations ( Person)
Provides information on individual's identity, educational & family background, source  of income, health condition, hobbies & vices, reputation, banking relation, employment checking, affiliations, residence &neighborhood checking.  

Background investigation is useful for several areas like:
• Pre-employment checking on key employees.

• Post-employment checking of employment for regularization and promotion.

• Check on prospective joint venture partner.

• Pre-qualification for insurance purposes

• Competitors Check


Background investigation should be completed prior to starting work or prior regularization and their purpose would be the following:

1. Verify the accuracy and completeness of applicants statements, to wit:

A. Gaps in employment

B. Wilfull omissions of material facts

C.  Lies about education

2. Company Credit Inquiry
It is an in-depth report of a corporate or sole proprietorship entity. Each report is a result of a thorough on-the-post research by   well-trained  researcher  and information obtained from outside sources and accredited government organization. Presents a comprehensive profile of a company including essential information’s such ashistory, operations, ownership /    management, credit record, trade relations, banking  relationships  and financial condition   including public records and related current developments about the company.

It is very important in establishing the creditworthiness of the company before extending credit/terms or credit facility.

3. Property Checking Report
Tracing / verifying the location and ownership, describes and enumerates the encumbrances, if any, of a real estate property.

4.Records Search & VerificationBirth Records, Death Records, Corporate Records, Court/Criminal Records, Vehicle Information, Driving Records, Professional Licenses.

Our Commitment:

We deliver high quality, honest and truthful report on time at reasonable rates with utmost confidentiality.   

“Your Asset Security is Our Business”

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