Imprisoned in Chains

The reason Laurie Halse Anderson chose this piece of text for chapter thirty-seven of the book, "Chains" because both of the texts discussed the topic of the prisoners at Fort Washington. This primary source stated that, “What numbers of my countrymen have died by cold, hunger, perished for want of the common necessaries of life!” This shows that the British was not treating the American prisoners in the way that they should have just like how in the book, "Chains", Curzon was ill and the British did not care for him and the other prisoners were eating undercooked meat and barely got the right things that they needed to live. Another statement from the piece of text chosen by Laurie Halse Anderson is, “Twenty or Thirty die every day”. This shows that because of the poor conditions the prisoners were in, it was affecting their health in a negative way and in Chains, the poor conditions that the prisoners were in affected their health by making them sick and hungry. So, the reason that Laurie Halse Anderson chose this piece of text for chapter thirty-seven because the text is showing how awful the life of a prisoner at Fort Washington was like. This picture represents the struggle to stay alive in the prison by all the people in the picture. All the people are dirty and some are laying down. The man on the bench next to the soldier is bandaged up. Also, the people in the picture are looking not happy at all. All of this shows that the British treated the prisoners horribly.

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