4.3.1 What is Cholesterol
By: Colby Rooney

LDL and HDL are types of lipoproteins. LDL is responsible for taking cholesterol to the cells. HDL is responsible for removing extra cholesterol from the blood stream and taking it to the liver.

Doctors monitor your LDL and HDL levels because to much cholesterol in the blood can cause a build up inside the arteries. Due to this a balance of of these two molecules keeps circulating lipids from becoming trapped inside arteries.

The lipoproteins LDL and HDL are different from each other because of how much cholesterol they are made up of. LDL is 50% cholesterol and 25% protein. HDL is 20% cholesterol and 50% protein.

Due to extra LDL building up along the artery walls can lead to Atheroscerlosis. This can lead to heart attacks and stroke. Other things monitored with LDL and HDL are triglycerides, blood sugar, and total cholesterol.

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