This assignment is due October 19 by 11:59 pm CT

Module 2 Preceptor Assignment

This assignment has many moving parts. The guidelines for selecting a Preceptor for the RN Capstone Project are:

  • The student will select a preceptor who is a baccalaureate-prepared nurse willing to assist the student with the planning of the RN Capstone Project.
  • The preceptor will agree to send the student their CV or Short Bio.
  • The preceptor agrees to sign the Authorization Form for submission to the student on or before the due date for this assignment.
  • Choose a preceptor who can offer 4-6 hours total over the 11-week quarter.
  • Need an active email address included also.

Then you will add a short paper that will cover the information below:

  • Discuss why your chosen preceptor is a qualified mentor for you and your project
  • Describe the healthcare organizational setting you would be using for integration of your project
  • Describe how your preceptor will assist you in the planning and design of this project
  • Describe communication strategies you will use to communicate with your preceptor

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