Apps for a K-12 Classroom

Teach Me: Kindergarten

What is it? Teach Me: Kindergarten is an app that can be used on the iPad, iPod or the iPhone that teaches children how to do math, spelling,  and practice writing.

How is it used? Teachers can tailor it to the appropriate level for their students. If a child was struggling in a certain area (i.e addition) they could use this app during centres or another time to practice. A neat feature of this app has a reward system that for every three questions right, the child receives a coin that can be saved to buy stickers that can be added to a background. This is a great way to encourage students to keep practicing and to have fun learning.

The Cat in the Hat - Dr. Seuss

What is it? The Cat in the Hat is an app that can help children learn how to read.

How is it used? Teachers can use this app within the classroom whether it be the whole class, small groups or individually. The teacher can chose to read aloud or can have the narrator talk and students can follow along with the highlighted words. A tool that this app has is that it allows you to record your voice and share it with others. Teachers could use it as a way of assessment on seeing how the students can read.

Toca Kitchen Monster

What is it? Toca Kitchen Monster is an app that teaches children responsibility and how to care for an animal.

How is it used? Students can be creative and create their own recipes to feed two monsters.  They learn how to prepare and cook certain meals for their monsters.

Endless Reader

What is it? Endless Reader helps children learn in fun and creative ways.

How it is used?  It could be used during centres and could help children who need some more practice with reading. The app has different tools and activities that teach children how to read and helping with pronouncing words. One example is that they have interactive puzzles that help children learn words.

Toddler's Games: Animal Match

What is it? Toddler's Games: Animal Match is an app that keeps children entertained and allows them to practice their memory.

How it is used? This is another great app that can be used during centre time whether it in be in pairs or in small groups. Not only does this app teach children memory skills, but also helps them learn some social skills. Some examples are learning how to be patient, how to share, or how to be a good sport.

Read Me Stories

What is it? Read Me Stories is an app that helps children learn how to read. It also provides children with a new story every day, so that they have a variety of books to chose from.

How it is used? This app could be used for practicing to read at home. Children could read a different story at home to their parents rather than bringing books back and forth. This app could also be used within the classroom either during silent reading or centres.

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