Fresh Start

Why Newfoundland?

Hello fellow Canadians. I have just recently opened a new ski resort in Newfoundland, Canada. I know you Canadians LOVE skiing so I located a perfect area for Canadians to enjoy skiing like never before. This flyer will specifically go over what's in store for Canadians and why this "perfect area" is considered perfect.

Newfoundland is a part of the Appalachian Mountain region. The Appalachian Mountains bring great skiing experience for Canadians who love to ski. The climate, landforms, vegetation and what kind of rocks you will find will all make this ski lodge an amazing place to stay and play.

What Makes the Appalachian Mountains

The Physical Features


In order to have the BEST skiing experience of your life, you must have a lot of snow to work with along with Canada's chilly winds. In the Appalachian Mountains, these are a given because you are in a Maritime region where the annual precipitation is over 1000 ml. So you will find a lot of snowfall along with Canada's breeze to give you that extra adrenaline while you ski. Since you are going to be skiing in high mountain ranges with the neighbouring Humber River, wind passes the Humber River and it carries water vapour with it until it faces the mountains. The mountains act like a wind barrier and thus, the wind goes straight up the mountains. As the wind goes up the mountain, it loses its ability to hold in water so it just snows because surrounding air is cold as you are so high up. This is the result from the Elevation, Relief, and Near Water factors that influence climate.


In addition to the passage above, you also need high rolling hills to have the BEST skiing experience of your life. What makes the Appalachian Mountains unique is that their hills are the best to ski on. When two convergent plate boundaries collided, it created the mountain ranges here in Newfoundland. These mountains used to be tall, sharp mountains. After a long period of time, erosion has taken affect on these mountains. As a result of extremely smooth rolling hills. Who doesn't love to ski on smooth rolling hills?


You've just had an amazing day at the mountains and you feel that you deserve time to relax. In our ski lodge, we provide heat that will make you at home. We like to use the classic fireplace to keep us warm because it paints us a nice picture to forever stay in our minds. We use the resource coal to fuel our fires. Sedimentary rock is an important source of natural resources such as coal and fossil fuels. As mentioned before, the two tectonic plates collided creating massive mountain ranges. Not only were mountains formed, but magma soon reached the Earth's surface. These rocks were once igneous rocks but due to the time it took to erode the mountains, the rocks eroded alongside and turned into sediments. Now they are sedimentary rock to help us warm our bodies.


Don't like skiing and you only came here for the beautiful scenery? Make yourself feel at home with fresh produce here. Here in the Appalachian Mountains, you will find a lot of fresh agriculture because our soil is still leaching. We have very rich soil from the alpine glacier deposits. Since this is a Maritime region, we collect more than 1000 ml of annual precipitation. The water soaks the soil and brings our crops enough water to sustain our fresh produce.

Climate Change Influence

However, this beautiful scenery won't last forever. As we progress through time, the northern glaciers will start to melt as global temperatures continue to incline. Leading into colder ocean currents along with higher sea levels. Slowly, these cold ocean currents from the north will eventually reach near lower Canada. These colder currents will make surrounding land experience much more colder temperatures and snow storms. A big snow storm can ruin the fun when you are skiing along with the risks of getting major injuries.

Natural Disasters?

One thing to keep in mind is that we are more prone to hurricanes because Newfoundland is so close to the Pacific Ocean. Hurricanes first begin as a tropical storm near the equator, where warm moist air is present. As that warm air evaporates, it rises until very large amounts of heated moist air are twisted high into the atmosphere. These hurricanes can cause major risks. Some of the most hazards associated with hurricanes are...

-heavy precipitation and inland flooding

-extremely strong winds

-rip currents


Be extremely careful when skiing with an upcoming hurricane. We alert everyone in Newfoundland if an upcoming storm/blizzard/hurricane is coming our way. We make sure our people are safe.


We invite YOU to come ski/snowboard here at our new ski resort!

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