Final Exam Project

by:Bryan Hernandez

1.the first thing we learn is email and blogs are a way to sent someone info or something else and its much easy than in person we use Gmail to sent emails.A other thing we learn is using a blog or named blogger heres a link to blogger we also made a blog here's my blogger                                                                                                                                                                                                               2.Digital Photography. is a way taking photo's it was really fun learning about we took photos  out side and making a project of it .                                                                                                   3.Key note presentations. we use keynote a lot of times the way you use it very simple you can pictures and video's.this

     4.Video production.: one project we have done is making movies or movie trailers we use acting. and the software we use to make our movie is iMovie. iMovie is where you make movies or cool  trailers.                                                                                                                                5.Sound Engineering: one project we did for Sound Engineering is a Simpson audio is when we took Bart's voice and chanig the audio the software we use is Audice.                 6.Photoshop:we did many projects for Photoshop one them was making a postcard for a place my was Springfield from the Simpsons                                                                                        

7.desktop publishing/pages

one project we did for desktop publishing is making a poster for a event like this many people do around the world such it same thing doing a newspaper.

8.Animation: animation was around with us very long time and has change over time this one example of animation we did as a project was the bounce penny animation it was very simple the software we use was keynote.                                                                                   Fahion design: we dsing many cloths but these mu cloths i made  are these.

9.Game design:game our my favorite thing i was very happy when we learn these the software we use to play game was game design this a link to the website and this one game i made using game star mechanic

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