2nd Grade ELA Curriculum Support

Dear 2nd  Grade Teachers,

The purpose of this tackk board is to provide a place for teachers to find ELA curriculum support materials. The items below support the student outcomes for each unit. As a community of teachers, we are continuing to grow our collection of videos, anchor charts, links to websites and much much more. It is my hope you find this collection for resources helpful and supportive in planning your language arts lessons.


Laura Adlis

UNIT 1 Thinking and Talking About What I Read

Reading Comprehension

Here's a quick link to reading comprehension response cards

Choose cards that support the student outcomes for this unit. Some cards will need to be used in later units.

Anchor Charts

Word solving and Reading Fluently

Anchor Charts for Fluency

Here's a rereading log  that you may want to use with students. Each column gives students a purpose for rereading their book. It could also help parents know how to support their reader at home. We talked about not having to every box checked in for every book. Or you might decide which boxes certain students need to practice more.

Shared Reading

Access to Online Materials

Working With Words

Unit 2 Reading to Learn

Curriculum Planning

Unit 2 Grade Sheet

Working With Words

Word Solving

Helpful Websites


Unit 3 Thinking About Purpose: The Author's and the Reader's

Reading Comprehension

Anchor Charts

Working with Words

Unit 4 Understanding Characters

Character Feelings and Traits

Working With Words

Buddy Study/Spelling Instruction

Anchor Charts

I can read for a sustained period of time and paraphrase what the reading was about.

Word Solving and Fluency

Compound Words

Unit 5
Understanding Poetry & Drama


Inferring in a Poem


http://www.thebestclass.org/rtscripts.html http://www.readinglady.com/index.php?module=documents&JAS_DocumentManager_op=viewDocument&JAS_Document_id=9&MMN_position=34:34

Unit 6
Understanding Nonfiction Texts

Unit 7
Making Connections Across Texts


Comparing & Contrasting Nonfiction Texts

Use anchor texts a common topic to model comparing and contrasting nonfiction texts.

Comparing and Contrasting Characters

Use anchor texts with characters that your can compare and contrast

Working with Words

Main Idea

Author's Purpose

The author wrote this book to share ways we can avoid getting sick because of germs.

Unit 8
Study Authors and Series

Recommended Series

Studying Non-literal Meaning



Unassigned Dialogue

More About Contractions

Soft C & G Activities

Breaking words into syllables game



Dear 2nd Grade Teachers,,
I hope this tackk has been helpful to you this school year. Please see the list below if you would like to contribute to this forum. Any suggestions can be left in the comment stream.

Laura Adlis

Please send your submissions to: atoomes@ccisd.net

1.If you have any student work samples that you feel would be helpful to other teachers in CCISD, please snap a picture or scan them and email them .

2. If you have IPad apps suggestions that have not been listed on this tackk please add them to the stream below.

3. If you have websites, videos, etc that have been helpful to you and your students, please add them to the stream below.

4. If you have anchor charts or other supportive visuals, please take a picture and email them.

5. If you have activities, games, etc. that align to the new curriculum and were not included in the tackk, please email them.

Not all submissions will be used due to duplication, space available, and curriculum alignment. Thank you for sharing your ideas!