Catcher in th Rye Reading Log
Michael Rauch

Chapters 1 & 2

"In in the first place, that stuff bores me, and in the second place, my parents would have about two hemorrhages apiece if I told anything like that, especially my father"

Chapter 3 -4 5-6

"It was the red hunting hat, with one of those very very long peaks....I looked good in it"(Salinger 21)  Holden buys th hat after he loses a big fencing tournament with his school. He wears the hat when ever he is down or stressed out. Honestly I thik that he is a weird teenager who ism kimd of awkward. I think that he belives that hen looks good in the hat.


All the quiescent students have nothing to do so Mal, Holden , and Ackley decided  to go go to a movie. On the way there they get into a snowball fight, Holden a hit with a trenchant snowball. When they get back Holden asks Stradlatr about his dates with jane. Stradlatr  has a tacid response. Holden ruminates on this and finally decides to freak out. Stradlatr quells him with a punch.


7. Holden sure doesn't like the idea of Jane with Stradlater, does he maybe like her?

8. Why is he lying so much to the woman on then train?

9. Although Holden is a crumby person most of the time why does he care about not fooling around with just any girl?

10.  Does he actually liked Bernice?

11. Does Holden think he only can be happy with Jane?

12. Why does he care so much about the fish he and ducks tab he pond? What do they symbolize?

13. Why doea a he keep lying when he gets close to people


14. If he is an atheist why does he talk and know so much about the Bible?


16. Does Holden wish he could be with Phoebe. Or even be her?

17. Why does he call Sally a pain in the ass?  I thought hen like he?

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