Blooming Bells

Mallory Bell
Hour 2

Blooming Bells is a family owned flower shop that sells a very wide range of annual flowers. We have two pot sizes for these annuals. A 3" pot that sells for $4.49 and a 5"pot that sells for $5.79.

Business Plan: Restrictions

I have a budget of $10,000 to get started, and cannot use more than 75% of that on my flowers. I plan to restrict my costs to $600 a month and no more than 50 3" annuals and no more than 60 5" annuals.

Business Plan: Cost& Selling Price

-The 3" annuals will cost $2.49 to produce and the 5" annual costs $3.79 to produce. I will sell the 3" for $4.49 making a $2 profit and I plan to sell the 5" for $5.79 to make a $3 profit.


x=number of 3" annuals y= number of 5" annuals

x≥0, x≤50

y≥0, y≤60

2.49x + 3.79y≤600



Business Plan: Profits

My profit comes from subtracting my selling price from the cost of producing the flower pots.

x= # of 3" annuals  y= # of 5" annuals

Cost= 2.49x + 3.79y

Sell= 4.49x + 5.79y

Profit= sell-cost



Maximize Profits


(0,60)P=2(0) +3(60)=$180


(50,0)P= 2(50)+3(0)=$100

I will maximize my profits by selling 50 3" annuals every month and 60 5" annuals each month.