Summer 2014   Tx State University

EDTC 5310

Today was the my first EdTech class. Our assignment is to work on this tackk page.  So far, I have uploaded a copyright protected picture, replaced it and somehow deleted it. And I fell out of my chair! :)  Before tomorrow, I am hoping to try and attach each element I can...

After 26 years, it's great to be back in San Marcos!

Song I Found!

So, I have added a headline, text, picture, song, ....I tried to delete one word, and it deleted everything behind it as well.?? I have noticed that when it's gone, it's really gone from here! That is frustrating!

During the year, there are several events and units we could post about in PE. This would be a great way to introduce those events and units and to review them afterwards.

Tuesday June 10, 2014

P.E. Pinterest

Thursday June 12, 2014

I think I could learn to like Haiku Deck..I had to walk away a few times! The app and the online program are pretty different, and I had a hard time making them sync. I know I saw this button work and link to it correctly at least once!

Haiku Deck

I have created a Tagxedo and a Wordle and when I try to connect them here, it just takes me to the Home page for each site. Need to walk away....

Well, what I needed to do was watch the video again! Got it!

I enjoyed making these, I want to try Prezi next. I think kids would enjoy these as well.


I would like to make some of these for PE. I am excited to try and put them on my school webpage.  

Tagxedo was easier than Wordle, I like the shape option.  I enjoyed Haiku Deck, and I'm sure they will continue to improve the sync option with the app and laptop. I am determined to make a Prezi soon!

Monday June 16, 2014


This was fun! I think it will be very helpful with getting information to my kids and parents!

I redid my screencast-o-matic to be longer than my original. I'm glad I was able to work on this this morning. It was much easier this afternoon at home! I like this site and I'm excited to use it more!


eduCanon was easy to use! Once I can come up with some lesson ideas I would be interested to see what all the premium membership offered.


Google Forms



Student Choice

A few of the websites that come to mind that I am excited to look into more are ForAllRubrics, LiveBinder and Diigo.  

One of my school projects this summer is to improve our grading rubric, so I was excited to explore forallrubrics.

Upcoming PTEP classes will require research and writing.  I am hoping to use LiveBinder and Diigo to help with my organizing.

I had such fun in this class these past 3.5 weeks. I am excited to take my time and really explore a lot of the programs and websites you presented!

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