Name:   Circe

Physical discretion:   Circe has hair that resembles flames. She wears long dresses and she always has a creepy look on her face. People say that she has an appearance that reminds of what earth produced out of primeval slime.

Crimes:   Circe has done many horrible crimes. one of them is that she turns her enemies into animals. All of her tigers, lions, bears, pigs, boars etc were once human that tried to attack her. How she does it is by giving them poisonous drinks.

Family:  Circe has two brothers and a sister. her brothers names are Atees and Perses. Her sister is Pasiphae. Circe has a daughter named sega and Circe's father is Helio.

Caution:  Have caution when your around Circe. If she hand you a drink, DON'T TAKE IT!! If you do, you will either turn into an animal, or you will die.

First seen:  Circe was first seen in the Odessey (eighth century BC)

Last seen:  Circe was last seen being grabbed by the goddess Athena in punishment for her crimes.

Update:  Circe got caught by the goddess Athena because of her horrible crimes she did.

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