Back To The Past

Hello my name is Cristian this is my back to the future story. I would go back to 2011 because of a lot of reasons. I could adapt to that time because I have been in that time period already. The question people asked me is how would I get back to the present time? Well I would go to scrap yards and get the parts that I needed to make a time travel remote. After I made it I would test it on a medium size rock to see if it worked before I try it to make sure I don't die. So here is the part you all have been waiting for the story. So I was wondering around a museum and came upon a time machine. I was taking a picture when I tripped and fell in it on accident. It turned on some how and was set on the year 2011. So when I got sent back to that year I was my same age as now fourteen. This was the year that my dad died and I got my    play station 3. When I was there I ran into my past self and he fainted when he saw me. I threw water on him and woke him up. He said who are you and I said i'm you from the future. He started laughing then said are you serious I just shook my head yes. I told him what not do and what to do as he grew up. Also I never told him that our dad James was going to die. So I paid him five dollars and let him on his way the time travel remote was built and worked so I typed in the date and year              3-31-2015 and got back to that time. I was so glad that I fell in that time machine because I changed some stuff to help me when I grew up everything would be fine. So that was my back to the future story.

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