Australian culture

Beach culture :

In Australia,the beach culture is common because there are more than 10000 beaches. The australian people meet on the beach thanks to parties and events like Christmas. There are a lot of activities and sports (like surf, beach volley ...)


They often organizeBBQs on the beach. They eat a lot of sea food because the island has numerous aquatic animals (like shark, shellfish, fish ...)

Religion :

In Australia , the religion is predominantly Christianity but everyone is free to choose his religion.

Music :

The music of Australia has an extensive history stretching back to the indigenous and colonial societies.Indigenous Australian music refers to the music of aborigines.

There is also modern music. For example , the Bee Gees, AC/DC and INXS are very famous bands from Australia .

CHABAUD Nicolas, BIAU Gabin ,ALBERT Clément , MALGOUYRES Guillaume .