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Biotic Factors

the biotic things are (tucan,tiger, butterfly and treefrog)

Abiotic Factors

there is warm temp all around,rain fall,and moist dirt

carrying campasity

how much the population ca hold do to food and water

Limiting factors

Limiting factors are environmental influences that constrain the productivity of organisms, populations.

  1. A predator is an organism that eats another organism. The prey is the organism which the predator eats. Some examples of predator and prey arelion and zebra, bear and fish, and fox and rabbit.

Energy roles

herbivores - howler monkey

Carnivores - Venus fly trap

Omnivores - toucan

Scavengers - army ants

Food chains and food web

I think the food web is better because it shows all of the animals eat other animals and how it shows the decomposesr.

If you would move some thing off of the web one of the animals will die out then tha animal would affect the other animal and then they will all die out.

Trophic levels and energy pryimids

I think it is better as an pyramid because is shoes the producers,consumers,secondary consumers and tertiary consumers in order.

The producers are at the bottom because the get all of the energy from the sun.and they are the top at the food chain because they have the most energy.


Photosynthesis is like when water and sun light give carbon dioxide and then tha carbon dioxide gives off oxygen the you have photosynthesis .


  1. the turning of all or part of an organism in a particular direction in response to an external stimulus.
  2. Tropism will help the plant grow in its ecosystem because where every the sun goes the plant will grow to

The role of decomposing

Deacomposers are important because they give nutrience to the soil.some of the decomposers are mushrooms,larva and dead animals


Adaptations will help you live in your inviormint by keeping you color if you are introuble

Neutral selection

  1. Natural selection is the gradual process by which heritable biological traits become either more or less common in a population as a function of the effect of inherited traits on the differential reproductive success of organisms interacting with their environment. It is a key mechanism of evolution.

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I learned that the toucan is a biotic factor in the rainforest

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I recommend that you explain your rainfall.

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