social media

task 1

Facebook is use to chat to your friends and family online. people also use social media for people to try and get new skills from other people from there community. some people might want to have outer peoples options .

twitter is also use for chatting to friends and to family. people use it for getting new skills and to change people minds about something to see if it is good or not. twitter is like Facebook because they are both an online site use for social media and to chat with your online  friends. they also help biasness to advertise there product online because more people are using it envy day. they are different is some way because twitter is for more bussnesing because  they use adverts on twitter so people can see there product. where as Facebook is more of messaging to there friends and commenting on other peoples video and pictures. and it also lets people play games online.

photography would be use for Facebook because so people can see which photo likes the best for different people.

task 2

I don't use social media because people can bully you online. but it is a good way to communicate with there friends and family  from  a long way. businesses need to keep thing professional and try and not to argue with other people online because they could get bad reviews. businesses can use  social media to there  advantage because majority of the people around the world use social media. so businesses can  sell there product to them. businesses maybe need to have more than one account so one for businesses and one for your self. you could look at some of your customer  reviews to see how well your businesses is going. it mostly use for busnessnss

task 3

with social media lots of people can look at your account so if you post something that you don't want. people could look at your picture and send it to all your friends and some people might make fun of you. There are a lot of people how are on Facebook so if you do have a biasness use Facebook because there are a lot of people out there how use social media. you could get done for making raciest  comments that could get you in to trouble. If people use social media for businesses they have to conceder the  reviews. Because people might not think they are not reliable to respond to the feedback what they got so that could be one problem. they could accidently put incorrect information to people. They could accidently send something to a person which they don't like and that could lead to an argument. If they did something like that they could always reply to them saying sorry to them. also they could promote to people saying sorry and apologising to the customer. they also have to respect other people online as well as there collages. they would have to have some identity so they could sell there product. They would have to  avoid conflicts with one an other including augments. If biasness do have a social media account they would have to have a separate there biasness account to there online social media. They would have to separate there biasness account to there personal accounts. If you do have a business make sure that it is safe for people to use other people could hack in to other peoples accounts  so if the business do have a   social media account make sure that it is safe for people to use.

unit 2

I use pintres on my social media because it show what I am also intrusted in. bunssses  would use Pintres to find what people like so more costumers would buy there product because it something what they like. and people would be in spired.  




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