The Great Days of Service

Harbins October 20-October 24

The Great Days of Service is all about people in need, and is also about getting what they need to them. This is important to them because they are in trouble. They depend on us for their life, and this should definitely be very important because you would be very poor in this situation. Some of these people are sick and could die out there. Please help us to encourage the people who can help. All we need is a simple toothbrush,combs,paper towels, shampoo, bar soap, canned/boxed foods, large baby diapers, toilet paper, tissues. I thank you for helping us donate for the people in need, one day you could be rewarded for giving up just some saved money around your house.Or some of the canned foods you never ate.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             c

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